SIMS Emerald Award and VOI Crew

Big surprise last week in Sydney. I was booked nearly a year ago to give a dinner presentation for the Sydney Institute of Marine Science at their annual gala fundraising event. Just days before I learnt that I was to receive their most prestigious ‘EMERALD’ award in honour of my ‘lifelong maritime adventures that have done much to raise awareness of the marine environment and the need to protect it’.

WOW! I was humbled and excited to receive this. It is quite special to me. Unlike previous awards that are usually for being slightly ‘nuts’ and living life, this is for helping out the one thing that is the constant in my life – the oceans. Thanks!

The lunch at the RPAYC was fun and I met up with two aspiring crew for VOI. That’s Harvey in the photo (on board ‘BETTY’) busting to go! Over the past weeks there has been a bit of ‘chatter’ with potential applicants. It is a big effort to complete an application, quite daunting no doubt, but it is a way for us to ensure those applying comprehend the magnitude of what lay before them. The clock is ticking. Not quite five weeks to go before applications close. Will we find a successful crew?