Should I Do It, Or Not?

It is a healthy thing to question yourself and look deep inside before deciding on a major life event, or new activity.

It may involve money, family, or a new direction in life and no one wants to get any of those wrong.

Often we talk with friends and soul mates about the options, but sometimes it is so important, or so personal, that it’s not possible. Nevertheless a decision is required and you need to make it!

This countdown for some could take months, or even years, while for others take just hours. It can be all consuming and absorb your life with strong emotions – visualising the options and potential outcomes of each possible scenario, while not really being able to guarantee any definite outcome.

My definition of ‘adventure’ is any activity with an unknown outcome, which, if you can relate to the previous scenario about making decisions, suggests life itself is an adventure!

We may each do it differently, but we are all adventurers in one form or other. If your life was so well organised that you knew exactly what was shaping it and exactly what you were doing every day, or were unable to make those bold decisions, life would be dull.

Here’s the ‘hook’!… You make that decision. You breathe a quick sigh of relief and get excited about a new horizon. You visualise the future, but all of a sudden you start to wonder… hmmm? Have I done the right thing? Should I change my mind and just NOT do it at all, returning instead to the perceived security of inaction and no change! Tempting hey…

Well if you can relate to all that, then you are not alone.

I am facing that dilemma right now with another BIG project. This entire process is called ‘being human’ I suppose. I don’t think I am any different than anyone else and I have been facing the same dilemma all my life. It would be so easy to NOT do it, yet when I look back on previous life decisions, it reinforces another simple overriding belief I have:

‘In the end, all we have are memories.’

We need to make them good ones! Just sometimes, when you know you should do it, even in the face of big reasons not to, you really should!

2018 for me will be a big year!