Crew Positions Available


EXPLORER is a powerful, handsome around the world yacht designed specifically for the early Whitbread races. She has a lot to offer in great comfort for those who seek the ultimate adventure. Much was learned sailing in the 2023 OGR and Captain Mark Sinclair ran his own race, bringing everyone safely home. This was a classic Adventure experience for all involved. She will be well prepared in 2027 to take on the next OGR challenge and will sail with 11 onboard. The Captain will float and there will be a port and starboard watch of five crew each. Watches run from 0 to 4 am – 4 to 8am – 8 to 2pm – 2 to 8pm – 8 to 12 midnight. Night watches are called 15 minutes before the watch starts. Day watches are called 40 minutes before the watch starts with meals ready 30 minutes before the watch starts.

ADVENTURE is focused on winning the 2027 OGR. The Baltic 51 is a strong fast performance yacht. Everything from sails to food is optimised toward that simple clear objective. If you are competitive by nature and prepared to push that extra mile, this is the boat to sail. Crew fitness and sailing skillsets will be considered here in crew selection. Training will be for performance  but also endurance. This is not a food cruise, it is a race on ADVENTURE. Conversations on deck will only be about how to go faster, until all sails are trimmed perfectly and only then you can talk about life, love, fun or family. Day after day for around 42 sleeps it is about keeping the boat and team moving as best we can! …are you up for winning? There will be 10 on board. The Captain will float and there will be a port and starboard watch of four crew each. One person has 24 hours off to cook and rest every 10 days. Watches run from 0 to 4 am – 4 to 8am – 8 to 2pm – 2 to 8pm – 8 to 12 midnight. Night watches are called 15 minutes before the watch starts. Day watches are called 40 minutes before the watch starts with meals ready 30 minutes before the watch starts.

Any sailor can apply, but if you are a  doctor, sailmaker, engineer, electrician, you have a great chance of being selected 🙂 …Thanks.


If you have at least 15,000 ocean miles and ‘Yacht Master’ qualifications, are a people person able to lead from the front and maintain team spirit, interested to learn celestial nav or already can, have extensive boat maintenance skills to lead the effort and final prep, this could be your chance and the next step in your career. (Sign on at least two months before the start). This position is selected from applying crew with concessions offered on the fee subject to ability. All sailing kit, safety gear, food, OGR registrations, crew insurance and extra merchandise (approx €7000) is provided free.


Six places (seven on EXPLORER) are available for full circumnavigation crew termed ‘Rounders’ including all four legs of the OGR, not including port accommodation and meals. Contribution €48,000.


Only two legger spots on each leg are available not including port accommodation and meals. Contribution €13,000 per leg 1,2,4.

Two places are available for leg 3 (Auckland to Punta del Este, via Cape Horn) not including port accommodation and meals. Contribution €16,500.


Under 24 at the start, one place in leg 1 and 4 only. These spots may be sponsored by an organisation. But if interested and under 24, please contact us with your interest and economic situation. Crew contribution €2400.


If you are sailing on the first leg of the OGR you MUST sail in either the OGR Qualifying Voyage or the Prologue SITraN Challenge

  • OGR Selection trial. 7 day mediterranean voyage on ADVENTURE with skipper Don McIntyre compulsory for all Provisional crew. Details and dates TBA. €1400.
  • OGR RESERVE crew accreditation. 7 day mediterranean voyage on ADVENTURE with skipper Don McIntyre. Details and dates TBA. €1800.
  • OGR Qualifying voyage. Min 1500 mile non-stop ocean voyage open to all and reserves. Details and date TBA. €2000.
  • PROLOGUE SITraN Challenge Race from the Prologue Port to the OGR Start Port yet to be announced, but a 10 day activity and about 3-4 days sailing and living onboard. €1500.
  • Training days are approx €185 per day. Individual training schedule developed for you based on your sailing experience but a minimum of 10 days. €1850.
  • Draft Program. 2024 August – October Crew Selection Trials – 2025 June – October Crew Selection Trials – 2026 June -Sept Crew Selection Trials – 2027 various crew training.


To qualify as a Reserve Crew for Explorer or Adventure, you must first complete the full application form. Then you must complete your survival training course followed by a seven day Mediterranean Selection Trial aboard ADVENTURE for Reserve Crew Accreditation. Cost €1800. If successful, you will need to complete your medical training and OGR medical examination by July 2027 and be ready to fly to the boat at short notice. 

If a qualified Explorer or Adventure crew member drops out for any reason, discount reserve places *may* be offered at 50% discount, up to 8 weeks before departure. After that they may be offered at 70% discount up to one month before departure, all on a first come first served basis. From one month before departure, an available spot may be 90% discount. You must also pay the OGR crew reg. fee, crew insurance and food contribution. NOTE: as organiser of the OGR we are also able to PLACE YOU for consideration, as RESERVE CREW with any other team in the OGR looking for last minute crew


If you would like to volunteer on any program associated with the entry of EXPLORER or ADVENTURE in the 2027 OGR or even with the organisation of the OGR we are always happy to hear from you and investigate if a suitable role may be available. THANKS.

EXPLORER and ADVENTURE skipper opportunity – YOU?

This is an important choice for McIntyre Adventure to make. We look forward to talking with those who think they have what it takes to drive one of these two amazing yachts safely around the world. Can you build team spirit from a random group of individuals? McIntyre Adventure have always done things differently and rarely follow the norm. This is a rare opportunity, not a job. So it will be with the selection of our captains.

Don McIntyre hopes to skipper ADVENTURE in 2023, but that cannot be confirmed until January 2026. Till then, we will select two potential skippers to work up both boats and confirm one in 2025 and the other in 2026 if Don cannot do it. This is a rare opportunity and possibly a career defining moment for these skippers. We want our skippers to have their own agenda for taking on this serious challenge. If this is you, you do not have to be a professional around the world skipper already. You need to have considerable sailing experience and people skills with strong power of command and passion for this demanding role.

Don’t get excited about the pay! as we do not want a skipper who is there for the money….that is not us. Passion is everything in life and people. That is what we want to see. Who you are and how you got to where you are today and why you want this challenge and responsibility so bad, that you will let nothing get in the way. That is your calling card. These are the qualities we are looking for. If you believe in yourself and know you can do this, even if you have never done it before, then talk to us…..we are looking for that special person right now! Age is just a number so …21 to 81 is ok!