How to Apply

If you are interested in joining the crew of EXPLORER or ADVENTURE for the 2027 Ocean Globe Race please contact for an application form. You must then fill out the form and submit it with a €150 application fee that is refunded if you are not selected, but held if you are offered a spot and do not accept it. You also need to include a 60 second video of why you want to join Explorer or Adventure for the OGR.

Please note:

  • Full circumnavigation cost: €48,000
  • Per leg leg cost: €13,000
  • Cape Horn leg cost: €16,500
  • Personal Equipment cost: Approx. €3000
  • Training and trials cost: Approx. €3000

Think of this entry in the OGR as your entry. It would not happen without your passion and commitment to contribute toward the adventure, the refit, safety gear, insurance, fuel, general and race maintenance, moorings, sails, running and standing rigging and the efforts of many people!

Before applying, first download the 2027 OGR Notice of Race from the website and read it. You will learn all about the rules and regulations and how it all works.

Please note Youth Applicants are exempt from some points.

  1. You must know how to sail and have a minimum 1000 ocean miles and night sailing experience before you can apply, or a plan to get those miles and experience within three months of applying.
  2. You must have the funds to cover your ‘financial contribution’ to the legs you hope to be on, or the whole OGR circumnavigation. 
  3. Once you have paid your 25% deposit you are provisionally selected to join the crew. You must then complete a seven day Selection Trial onboard ADVENTURE in the Mediterranean. (see Selection and Training Trial Itineraries) Based on your performance on this Selection Trial, you may be asked to increase your skill levels in certain areas before the start of the OGR. If you had intended to sail on ADVENTURE, to win the OGR, we may decide that it is not your best option and you may be offered a crew position on EXPLORER. Once this training is completed you are then a confirmed crew member.  
  4. You will be required to undergo a World Sailing Survival Training Course, including the use of emergency equipment, boarding and using life rafts, distress procedures and more in your own time and at your own expense. WE can assist your planning.
  5. You need a comprehensive OGR medical examination and treadmill stress test before you are approved. A simple dental check is also required.
  6. You must complete a World Sailing basic Marine First Aid course.
  7. Based on your own sailing experience, we will tell you how much ocean training you may need to undertake on onboard EXPLORER or ADVENTURE before the start of the OGR. As a minimum you will need at least two weeks sailing onboard.
  8. Leggers must spend 10 days working on the boat for each leg signed on and Rounders must spend at least 30 days working on the boat. This can be arranged just before or after any training session if you have to travel long distance. This is important for you to get to know the boat! and systems. Any crew is welcome to volunteer extra time onboard.
  9. You must purchase the team equipment pack, to ensure we all have the same quality of gear and systems, a safety consideration. This will include, wet weather gear, middle layer, thermal underwear, Ocean sleeping bag, knife, personal safety harness, PLB/AIS beacons, head lamp, W.P. torch and 60 ltr gear bag. We should have discount pricing for all these. Budget approx €3000. Special conditions apply for youth crew with most provided on loan.
  10. You will be required to pay the OGR crew fees described in the Notice of Race of €300 plus €65 for each leg. You will receive OGR merchandise and event security pass. 
  11. All crew must subscribe to the OGR crew insurance cover which is €350 per leg. 
  12. You will pay for all your own travel, visa costs, in port accommodation before and after each leg and meals ashore.
  13. No Hot bunking is planned, but may be necessary for one legger/youth crew on EXPLORER and you will all have one locker and stuff bags by your bunk. All your crew gear except sleeping bag, pillow and boots must fit an an approved 60ltr dry bag. What does not fit in that bag is not allowed onboard during the Race. You will be given a minimum packing list that you must have, then after that up to you. On ADVENTURE to save weight, you are given a minimum packing list and that is all you can have beside personal small items.  Your iPhones, computers will be bagged and sealed onboard till the leg finish.
  14. You sign on at least 10 days before the start of first leg and minimum 7 days if joining a leg. You sign off three days after arrival in port after deep clean and sorting drying etc. Rounders are required for in port maintenance on a roster basis to allow time away from the boat at the discretion of the Captain. Crew can stay onboard for only two nights after arrival and move onboard no earlier than one night before departure. 
  15. Any photos taken by OGR crew may be used for personal purposes only. Any used for publication or commercial purposes must first be shared to OGR for approval. This is an OGR Notice of Race regulation. 
  16. You will be required to sign an indemnity and liability form releasing McIntyre Adventure from any liability with your participation in the OGR and sailing on the yacht and also a talent release form for the OGR documentary.
  17. You must agree to and sign a “Code of Conduct” agreement while part of the team on the boat. It will include a warning process for breach of conduct and ultimate dismissal from the crew on failure to comply, without refund of fees and contributions. 
  18. There is no smoking on board at any time and no access to alcohol. Both EXPLORER and ADVENTURE are dry ships. No alcohol for crew 24 hours before departures.
  19. Each leg crew together, is completely responsible for menus and provisioning budget for leg. A minimum fee of €500 is charged. Budget choices are open to discussion and once all done, the total cost is divided by 10 and each crew will then pay that provisioning fee supplement if over €500.
  20. There are no “crew to family ashore” communications available onboard, unless an extreme emergency “life or death” when the sat phone could be used. 
  21. You are responsible for your own personal hygiene and health items onboard.
  22. There are NO showers allowed below and one head for the crew. Only salt water bucket showers on deck with a careful fresh water rinse from the cockpit deck shower. We carry 800 liters of fresh water in three tanks. When the desalinator is operating, extra fresh water may be allocated for a better rinse at skippers discretion.
  23. You must have, all required visas for each port, pay your own travel cost to and from the boat and hold a valid passport.