Are you up for the Ocean Globe Race?

Do you want to crew and race around the world on a Swan 57 or a Baltic 51 as part of a fun exciting team, one with the objective to win the OGR and the other to complete the dream and sail well ? Want to learn celestial navigation and gain Southern Ocean experience under the command of a qualified skipper and even maybe Don McIntyre? Are you looking for a life defining moment? Maybe you are just after ocean sailing experience? The opportunity is now! Join the crew of EXPLORER or ADVENTURE and be ready for the ride of your life!

Join us in the 2027 Ocean Globe Race the second edition of this epic adventure that started in 2023 with the first OGR celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first 1973 Whitbread Race. 

To sail in the OGR is a truly unique experience. Just look at the photos and videos from the 2023 OGR on the official OGR Youtube Channel. You join a special group of people while all entrants in this amazing adventure are a close knit OGR family! The shared challenges are real and adventure is everywhere. Safety is the number one consideration for all sailing on board McIntyre Adventure’s two yachts EXPLORER and ADVENTURE

Sometimes sailors are lost in ocean racing so we want all our crew home safe. Risk minimisation and watching out for each other on board 24/7 is paramount. There are no shortcuts and while the OGR is a race and ADVENTURE is a serious challenger and EXPLORER the ultimate sailing adventure, getting home safely and enjoying this once in a lifetime experience is far more important.

You will become an active crew member on board. This means that you will share all duties including washing dishes, cooking, navigating, changing sails, fixing and servicing things and cleaning the toilet! Sometimes it is hard work, you may lack sleep and sometimes would rather just stay in your bunk… but that is not how things happen. You will be allocated special tasks/skill sets and areas of responsibility for the team, based on your current experience and life skills put forward during a compulsory one week selection trial on board ADVENTURE. You may be expected to increase those skills leading up to the start of the OGR. 

Performance sailors will find their home on ADVENTURE but be focused and prepared to drive hard toward that IRC prize, or stay home! You will become part of the decision-making process leading to the start and during the race. You are involved from the moment you sign on. You are not a passenger, and do not pay to play – you are a contributing crew member and take ownership of this effort thanks to your financial contribution. So feel proud and believe in your ability and imagine what you can achieve. 

Your Invitation to Adventure

If I could choose any boat to race around the world through the Southern Ocean it would be a Swan 57. If I wanted to win on IRC the Baltic 51 will do just fine thanks!

Don McIntyre

Designed by Olin Stephens and first launched in 1977, the Swan 57 is one of the all-time classic S&S designs, built by one of the world’s best builders. She evolved directly from the 1973 Whitbread Race experience of the Swan 65 Sayula winning that event.

With a head-turning sleek look, oozing sex appeal amongst a world of production pop outs, she stands alone in any crowd. Her fierce reputation as a strong, safe, go anywhere and comfortable ocean going thoroughbred, is complimented by her timeless beauty as a classic yacht.

If you always wanted to race in the Whitbread, but missed the chance, now there is the 2027 Ocean Globe Race and our Swan 57 ketch is up for that challenge and looking for crew!

If your objective is to race hard and use your current sailing/racing skills then the Baltic 51 has an enviable performance reputation and raced in the 1981 Whitbread as Skopbank of Finland with Tapio Lehtinen. She will be refitted with one goal, best possible IRC rating, weight saving, performance and reliability backed by detailed serious crew training so all is race ready on start day.

I truly hope I will skipper ADVENTURE, but I must also organise the OGR. If all goes well I will appoint a strong 2027 OGR management team allowing me to race! It is clear following the huge success of the 2023 OGR there are more sailors hoping to crew in this amazing adventure than spots available. We expect to see up to 22 starters in 2027. This is your chance to be one of them. Already in June 2023 we have 13 expressions of interest.

I have had a long list of yachts and ships over the past 50 years. From my Little Class Globe 580 Trekka up to my 36m helicopter-equipped ice ship Sir Hubert Wilkins. My Swan 57 ketch EXPLORER and now Baltic 51 ADVENTURE are set for an exciting future in the years ahead.

For nearly 25 years I ran adventure expeditions in my various expedition yachts and ships to Antarctica, the tropics and beyond. For most of the crew it was a life changing experience they still live with today. In just three years, the 2027 Ocean Globe Race will set out on a life defining adventure for all the crews involved. For the first time in nearly 30 years, the 2023 OGR proved that ordinary sailors like you, can race around the world via the legendary Cape Horn. The 220 sailors involved had an amazing experience and many are trying to do it again and five of those  yachts are going again with a new crew!

This unique crew opportunity is your chance to join the OGR as part of a very special team led by years of experience and skill backed by McIntyre Adventure. We are building the crews right now and you are invited.

You will contribute to make this adventure happen and become a real partner in the challenge. You are more than a crew. If chosen after a one week trial, it becomes your OGR entry. You are not a passenger and will have to work for it. You will be wet, cold, frustrated, bored, exhausted, happy, sad and excited beyond belief like you have never been before. You will probably feel more alive, fit and healthy than you ever have in the past. Life is what you make of it and if you make it all the way? You will be a changed person forever. The OGR is life defining for most.

All you need to join the team is a knowledge of how to sail, be full of passion to drive through the hard bits and arrive onboard with a can-do attitude that defines who you are. You do not have to be a hero to apply, but you need to be able to laugh and believe in yourself and your teammates. I look forward to chatting with you if you apply.

Good luck! Opportunity awaits, so keep the dream alive and stop just for a minute and think, ‘Is this my day for a grand adventure?’

Hope to see you onboard.

Don McIntyre
Ocean Globe Race Founder