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If you love the idea of OPTIMIST or Vaka sailing, double canoe voyaging and supporting the youth of Tonga, or just have a keen interest in the sea, or sailing, join the Royal Nomuka Yacht Club. 100% of your membership fees go toward supporting Tongans sail. We welcome new members of all nationalities and interests. The objectives of the RNYC are to encourage sailing, racing and Vaka voyaging to the youth of Tonga through formal training and practical experience and safe boating through education.

Junior Sailing Member (9-15)$5 joining fee$5 annual fee
Youth Sailing Member (16-24)$10 joining fee$10 annual fee
Ordinary Sailing Member$30 joining fee$30 annual fee
Ordinary Member$50 Joining fee$50 annual fee
Family Member 2 Adults/All Children$75 joining fee$75 annual fee
Corporate Member$250 joining fee$250 annual fee
Nomuka residents and those born on Nomuka receive a 50% discount

After training, ordinary sailing members pay a $2 fee sailing fee each day they are sailing a Vaka. Once qualified, any RNYC members can visit the club and sail a Vaka at any time they like (under the supervision of a Vaka Captain). Junior sailors and captains do not pay to sail a Vaka, but must be RNYC members. Sailing fees are used for the maintenance of Vakas. Apart from special occasions, every person sailing a Vaka must be a member of the RNYC.