Off To See ‘Betty’

Unexpectedly I have to head to Hobart for two days, leaving tomorrow and then head straight back to Tonga on Monday as we are so busy here. But the good news – I will spend the weekend in Sydney! WOWOW!!

Having bought the boat sight unseen and spending the past few weeks going over all the pictures again and again (and then again),  I finally get to step on board! Yes I am excited about that. I also get to catch up with a few friends who are planning to get involved helping with VOI.

We’ve had a few contacts from potential crew. If you’ve looked at the long list of questions in the crew application form, you will understand if we do not get applications for a week or so, it will take that long to answer them all. They need to produce a video clip, but it’s ‘it’s all part of the fun!’.

Our hunt for crew on Facebook has been seen by over 30,000 people in the first two weeks!! And all we need are just two special applicants, so we are hopeful.

The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club in Pittwater are being supper friendly and really appreciate what this voyage is about. They have a focus on youth training and have also started their ‘Integrated Disabled Sailing Program’ which is quite cool. We are looking forward to basing our preparations out of their excellent facilities and I will bring ‘Betty’ into the club on Saturday afternoon for the weekend. She still wears the old name ‘Silver Heels’, but if you see her, come say G’day!

So if I was an average 17 year old sailor and heard about VOI, what would I be thinking right now?? ‘HMMM… wow… that sounds interesting, wonder what type of person will apply for that? They will have to be awesome? And such an incredible sailor to do that, hey? It would be so good… I would love to do that!!’.

But would they then apply? Probably not, because I know many will think they are not good enough. Well, in all my ‘other’ expeditions when I am looking for crew, I surprise a lot of friends and associates when I choose people who appear most unlikely. You see, I always choose people who have passion and believe in themselves, even ahead of those who simply have experience. And even if they may look as if they do not have the ability. I reckon that if you just believe in yourself and have passion about what you are doing, the rest will come and you really can achieve anything! Having experience is NOT everything. Wanting to do it is.

If you are a potential applicant reading this, I have to tell you that in the middle of typing this blog, while anchored on ‘ICE’ about 100m off a beautiful island, with the sun rising behind palm trees on the beach, I had to stop suddenly and get outside. Charging through the anchorage between us and the beach were three huge humpback whales that proceeded to play around the boats here for the next 15 minutes, coming to within just a few metres of us.

Life can be good on a boat, so here is your chance for a ‘Voyage of Imagination’ and what could become a life-changing adventure.

I look forward to receiving your application. 11 weeks to go!