IKI Arrived and Mag Happening

I suppose you can only have so much fun swimming with whales, snorkelling and diving beautiful coral off classic Tropical Islands (not to mention meeting interesting people) but when your main objective is to continue the hunt for wreck sites, there is always this underlying feeling of AGGH!

We all long for the day when we can get back into it, but continue to make the best of our lot! Finally the 40ft container with ‘IKI’ inside is sitting on the dock here in Tonga.

Now the paper trial for clearance begins. Hopefully it will not be a repeat of the one month fiasco by DHL getting our magnetometer out of Customs in Canada. Finally it is now being checked to determine the problem.

Tomorrow I head back to Australia for four days. If the stars all align, we are all hoping that we may be able to get started with rebuilding IKI Tuesday next week.

By the time she is ready for launch, we will hopefully have the mag back then the fun begins!! AT LAST!! Actually Tonga is a fun place anyway, so no real complaints.

Yesterday I was on the back of ICE and a BIG kingfish was hanging around. I pulled out the hand spear and, sure enough, he cruised past again. So standing there without even getting wet… ‘whack’ fresh fish for all!! And then this morning, three huge whales playing around the boat while we are anchored. Did I mention the fresh squid the other night? Hmm…