Ice Breaths

The hatches are open, air flows and life returns. Yes it was a busy summer in Antarctica, Australia, China and now Fiji!

Here life is good with blue sea, blue sky and our clothes are dropping.

On returning to ICE, as sturdy as ever, like a monument to adventure planted out of water, we also launched the 2018 Golden Globe Race in the UK! It went with a huge BANG and has delayed work a few days.

Sam and Joe paint the bottom and Jane sorts and cleans while I dance the keyboard merry a few more days. We will all be wet again on the 6th to welcome Brownie afloat on the 8th, then Tom, our new recruit, diver/camera man, arrives next day. Annette returns on the 15th. Still we wait for the ‘stars’ to align in Tonga for this season and I predict plenty of challenges ahead to add to the anticipation. Adventure always has an unknown outcome.

There are so many things we want to tell and disclose here for the two years gone, re our Tonga activities, but still we must be free-divers and hold our breath. Maybe soon. This is year six for our involvement and love of Tonga and fifth year seriously in this fascinating kingdom. It is an important year as it marks a turning point. We can only wait, believe and chase the dream we all know is the essence of life itself.

ICE may sell at the close of this season as our method of operation evolves to take on a new dimension, but no more for now. It will all come later. Our blue team is on standby to join later in the year and today IKI is still not happy. But she will purr like a demon soon and make a new life with Capt’n Brownie, wind in his hair. 

We hunt for something quite special now, as well as undertaking a comprehensive magnetometer survey of specific areas of interest, if indeed Annette keeps our Mag smiling! I can say that if you know your French history in Antarctica, you may know what we seek and if all our reading proves true, we may break some news later in the sun. I can say no more for this week but see you the next. Life is adventure, we are back!

For now it is service, clean, sort, buy, load, fill and go! It may take a month.

Let the fun begin and see you here every week from now.