Fiji: Clean, Pack, Store

A fast three-day passage from Nuku Alofa, rolling around in 2 – 4m seas and 20-35kt following winds to the lagoon entrance in Fiji. Followed by a sparkling blue sky and calm aqua-blue water finally brought us to Vuda Marina.

A good moon and many hours spent on the fly bridge watching the miles pass by pulled plenty of smiles all round. We only had one wave jump into the cockpit and a few flying fish on deck. Apart from that we saw no other yachts or ships. It is a bit like coming home when we arrive to see all our friends at Vuda. This will be our fourth summer season here sitting out the cyclones. Many people do the same, a six-month cycle of cruising before returning to their other life in another place.

It’s hot and humid here! Annetta is packing and will be off today to more adventures in New Zealand, but we are both scheming on ideas for next year! Brownie, Jane and I will miss her. ICE is a mess with gear all out and being cleaned, washed then packed. Sails are off, cabins polished, hull being waxed and polished. We lift out of the water on Wednesday into our hole. Every hole is now full in the marina, so we are the last out! Jane and I fly to China Thursday night and Brownie is staying on board enjoying Fiji a little longer.

It has been a crazy season. Last night during our last dinner with the team all together at the sunset bar, we all had fun laughing at some of the silly, interesting and exciting things that did happen and the obscure challenges we faced. To quote Brownie it was ‘FanBloodyTastic’, seriously interesting and a learning experience. THANKS…and Annette.. ‘an exciting, unexpected experience’ as she did not think of doing this until the last minute and now she is VERY glad she did. All about meeting people, with a cool team, in a fun place doing different things!

Next season should run thick and fast. We have some interesting crew applicants for ICE coming in (so what about you?) and I will be spreading the word over the next couple of months for BLUE BASE crew. So tell your friends in case they want to get out of a dreary winter in the city and come spend 10 weeks (or more) living on a beautiful tropical island! or ‘ICE’.

WOW… another year rolls on, we are all getting older and there is so much yet to do!

Thanks for following this blog. Jane and I will be in China for a few weeks working on the 24m big sister of ‘ICE’ and then head to Sydney end of November to hopefully interview ‘Voyage of Imagination’ crew, before going to New Zealand and a couple of months in Antarctica. Something tells me Bluetreasure – April 2015 is just over the horizon. Bring it on!