Explorer Youth Crew Application

Thanks for your passion and taking the effort to fill out and send this application form. Please provide as much information and detail to assist your application.

I look forward to talking to you soon.

Don McIntyre
Ocean Globe Race Founder


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    Please include 3 images of you with your application. These can be headshots, action shots sailing etc.

    2.0 ABOUT YOU


    All ocean sailing is dangerous and has risk that can lead to serious injury and death even though every effort is taken to mitigate and minimise those risks. Are you aware of these facts and accept that this adventure is dangerous even after your safety training and onboard briefings?

    Do you accept and agree that you are not a passenger on board, but an important working crew member, part of a team that must be involved with all types of activities on board to share the load, including cooking, washing dishes, cleaning the toilet, standing long, cold watches in the cockpit etc and tidying up on deck and below, changing sails at all hours and more?

    Do you agree that safety is more important that speed of the yacht and that each of the crew looks out for all the other crew at all times, helping where they can and that finishing the leg safely is the most important goal making everyone a winner?



    Please complete a 60-second video clip on 'You should choose me because' and send with application to jane@mcintyreadventure.com.


    If you are onboard Explorer sailing in the OGR and she is forced out of the OGR for any reason and is unable to continue for a catastrophic or unexplained reason, or serious breakage then there is no refund of any of the entrants own expenses. Instead all efforts will be made to get Explorer sailing again, as fast as possible, or the voyage will continue on to the finish, with the agreed leg crews onboard as originally planned. There is NO INSURANCE cover provided for you or your equipment while onboard Explorer and all participants must accept that fact. We are all on this adventure together. Do you accept this?

    Have you read the OGR Notice of Race and understand the ethos and rules of the race?

    Have you read all points in the OGR Youth Opportunity Presentation

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