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When you visit my blog, you can expect anything.

You will really get to know what I think and feel about love, life and living. I will only post on those occasions when I just have to say it. Right now I am happy to be healthy, to have such good friends around me, have people to love and have exciting things to do! I look forward to your comments… So what is it today?

Propaganda is a two-way street and we should never talk about religion and politics. I rarely will. There are conflicts all over the world. Gaza and the Ukraine are sad examples. The world is a beautiful place and sometimes I feel like the luckiest guy alive. For the first time in my life, just sometimes, I now feel guilty about my sense of security and peaceful surroundings, when I see extreme brutality, beyond description, against ordinary men, women and children in other parts of the world.

To be Australian gives us all opportunities like nowhere else. We are indeed very lucky, but the world is a changing place. We all have to work hard to keep what we have. That means sacrifice, like a tough budget and looking after our young generation of Australians and the environment. Corny I know, but these two things are our future, no matter how much longer any of us have on this earth!

The oceans and everything in them, the survival of our green planet and the issue of climate change deserve our strong attention and support. But something that needs our action right now, is what I see on social media every day. This is not propaganda, it is fact. Call it ISIS or IS, or whatever, but it transcends politics and religion. This is a threat to our definition of ‘humanity’. Today is the time to stand and face it, or we may lose the most important thing we all have. I will forever be grateful to our defence forces for doing that.