Your chance to live a short adventure at BLUE BASE that fits your busy life. Just two weeks out of a life time! Or what about the real excitement of a Tofua Volcano Expedition! No excuses now! Come visit us, meet the team and get a taste of the Kingdom of Tonga and Blue Treasure. Tell your friends, bring your mates and give us a hand! Become part of our Photo Gallery. You don’t have to be a scuba diver, just have a desire to live life! Only limited spots available. Come meet our whales, wiggle your toes in the sand, crack a drinking nut and snorkel the crystal clear waters of Nomuka IKI. See you soon. If you love the place, extend for a month!

Blue Base

Visit BLUE BASE for two weeks

Soon you will be able to enjoy an experience quite special on our island home which is Nomuka IKI.

Our Philosophy is that life is an adventure, so if you would like to come and find your own little hideaway, maybe build your own grass hut right on the beach and stay for six months, or just pop in for a 2 day quick trip in a luxury beach front house, or a simple tent with 5 star positioning for a week or two…it will all be waiting for you..

Nomuka IKi is a place for everyone to extend their imagination. 4.8Km of surrounding beaches means the island is big enough to get lost on, but not so big to lose that island feel. It is just us on the island and with the pristine coral gardens and whales often calving right off the beach it makes for some amazing days!  

Our five start Lagoon 450 EXPLORER will be offering 7-10 day live-aboard Charters in the Ha’apai group of the Kingdom of Tonga to swim with whales, dive , surf, fish and explore this secret gem of the Pacific, with it’s perfect white sand atolls.

Jane and I with our fun team on the Island are looking forward to greeting you in paradise.

Visit Tofua

TOFUA Volcano Expedition – Up for a little adventure? Come look into the bowels of the earth! The Devil’s cauldron!

Many friends and associates have expressed an interest in joining an expedition to the island of Tofua, to experience it’s active volcano, bubbling lava lake and ‘Jurassic Park’ like scenery. I have visited the island three times now and may be able to get YOU there. This expedition is not without its challenges. When we last visited in October 2013, we were the first people to visit the site for a year. It is VERY hard to get there and challenging to land on the island.

If you really want to see this RARE wonder of the world and in the attempt, drop out on beautiful uninhabited Nomuka Iki and our Blue Base while you await the weather, I will mount an expedition for you. I will try my best to get you there. You will need two weeks holiday and a real sense of adventure. I cannot guarantee a landing on Tofua, as it is weather dependant, so no Guarantees are offered, but I am confident. We will give it our best shot. The expedition will operate from BLUE BASE on Nomuka Iki. This is definitely a unique opportunity and a very rare special experience! You will be living in one of the wonder spots of the world. It is a site steeped in history and is a beautiful tropical island circled by white sandy beaches and crystal clear water that most people just dream about.

Do you have two weeks to spare? You will need to find a friend. I need a minimum of two people to give it a go.

Why does it take two weeks?

You will be living on Blue Base about 40 nautical miles from Tofua. We will be watching the weather every day. When the best chance appears, we will make a decision to go on either ‘IKI” our 35kt fast dive boat, or in ‘ICE’. In ICE, we may steam overnight to arrive at dawn, spend the day there and steam back to where ever the weather allows the next night. This may take up to three days? In ‘IKI’ it will be what we call a ‘snatch and grab’. Fast in and fast out. The plan is to spend one full day from 7am till 7pm on the island. We have all the safety and survival gear.

These attempts can only be made in September and early October when the trade winds are a little lighter. We will only try this two times during our season, so if you are interested, contact us now to set a date!. We can have a maximum party of four only on each run. This is potentially a life changing experience similar to looking into the eye of a humpback whale and you can probably do that while you are waiting!

The 15 day ‘Tofua Expedition’ plan

Day 1 Saturday: Arrive Tonga, Nuku Alofa, stay in Guest house.
Day 2 Sunday: Free Time in Nuku Alofa, night in Guest house.
Day 3 Monday: Night.. board Govt. ferry approx. 6pm to Nomuka to join Blue Base team around midnight on Nomuka Iki. We meet you at the ferry by zodiac.
Days 4-14: Living and playing in Paradise at Blue Base, on Nomuka IKI, watching/assisting Blue Base wreck operations, whale watching, snorkeling, fishing, exploring, cooking, diving etc
Friday, board ferry to Nuku Alofa arriving late. or dropped at Pangi, Ha’apai, for flight to Nuku Alofa. Spend Friday night at guest house
Day 15 Saturday, Fly home with amazing memories no matter what the outcome! Or continue your Tonga adventure!

You pay AU$4000 each for the ‘Tofua Expedition’. If the conditions do NOT allow an attempt at Tofua, you still have a 10 day adventure on Blue Base and I will refund AU$1250, so your total cost is only AU$2750 The cost covers everything except alcohol and your food for two days in Nuku Alofa at the start and one day at the end.

You make your own travel plans, to and from Nuku Alofa. On arrival you will be met at the airport by our driver and taken to your guest house (2 nights accommodation is included, but no meals) and given your return Nomuka ferry tickets. Once you join the Blue Base team on Nomuka Iki, all food and drinks, (except Alcohol- bring your own) and tent accommodation (two bedroom/two single camp beds) with limited power is included. Local Mobile phone connections are ‘usually’ available on Blue Base, but NOT internet. Yes NO facebook! If SCUBA diving with the Blue Base team, you will need a current medical and have travel evacuation and dive insurance. As you will be involved with Blue Treasure activities, you must sign a confidentiality agreement and a liability indemnity form. Conditions on Blue Base are basic, with outdoor showers and composting toilets.We have ample desalinated water and solar power. Food is simple, you can help around the base and feel free to assist with the cooking and washing up. Life is fun! You provide all your own personal kit and sleeping bag/sheet/towel/dive gear. Limited Scuba diving opportunities are available at $50 per dive.

When you return to Nuku Alofa, you will be met at the ferry and taken to your guest house (one night is included, but no meals). On Saturday our driver will take you to the airport for your return flight.