We have high hopes for this year in Tonga but I have said that four times before. First project is to finalise some paperwork and corporate issues, then we are into it. Well we have to get IKI mobile too but life was meant to be a challenge. Our first project is to locate the 1827 lost Anchors of the French ship Astrolabe, commanded by Antarctic explorer and circumnavigator Jules Sébastien César Dumont d’Urville, who is often considered as the Captain Cook of France. We are producing a short documentary on this and Tom our French Canadian cameraman producer will be in front and behind the lens for the French viewers. Then we head to Nomuka and Blue Base for our long overdue magnetometer survey. Final the next stage of the hunt is about to begin!

The Crew

Paul “Brownie” Brown – Onboard ICE

Nationality: Australian

Brownie is Back! Why you may well ask?? I could say for Jane’s food and his love of custard, or because he likes living in a small cabin with another bloke, but no, I feel strongly that it is simply due to his strong relationship with the building industry in Australia. You see if he had the choice of working in Australia or holidaying in Fiji and Tonga the answer is simple. The only strange issue with this equation is that he never stopes working over here too which for me is kinda nice! So maybe it is due to his passion for clothes. He knew that the only way to get a Tonga Blue T-shirt was to join the team so he got that last year and then when I mentioned the McIntyre Adventure T-shirt and HAT!! I could not hold him back….I am happy. Jane is not sure as she does not eat custard.

Annette Pfeffer – Onboard ICE

Nationality: German

Annette is back too! Not for the custard! You see she has imported a secret stash of healthy things from New Zealand – her body is a temple – that now live in a special compartment on ICE. A change from last year when she took her fair share of Ice-cream when it was due and enjoyed the underwater world. She single handedly saved the expedition mastering the MAG until the hardware failed, so for something different created a whole new online presence for McIntyre Adventure and branded the Golden Globe Race. Why is she back? To grab more of life which is what Bluetreasure is all about.

Tom Marchand – Onboard ICE

Nationality: Canadian

Tom left the video production company he co-founded and ran for 10 years to sail and focus his film production experience on the seas. A multi-faceted director, cinematographer, and producer, Tom’s work has ranged from documentaries on indigenous health initiatives in remote communities to communication and promotional videos for some of the worlds biggest brands and line producing for the International Olympic Committee during the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. Whether out on the water or deep in the mountains, Tom has a keen appreciation and respect for the oceans and lands he explores. A great union of his film production and seafaring talents, Tom joins the ICE Team in the hopes that he can help promote and advance ocean stewardship and to gain additional adventuring and sailing experience.