With the prospect of up to five wreck sites in and around Nomuka, ‘Blue Base’ is established to support up to 10 divers, for three months. Surveys are also carried out in other island in the Ha‘Apai group with some success.

The Crew

John Torsch – Onboard ICE

Nationality: American


About me: If I had to label myself I would be an International man of adventure, living a life that most will only dream of. If I were a song, I’d be Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd. A Chef, fearless traveler, entrepreneur, beachbum and culinary explorer. A little rough around the edges but very confident and outgoing, charming and articulate, I call myself The Globetrotting Chef. Always in search of the perfect meal, my soulmate, the most beautiful beach, and my slice of paradise. After years of living a “normal life” I sold it all to pursue my dream of exploring this incredible world. I live to learn new skills and perfect the ones I was blessed with. Good at many things but great at only 3; making food, making money and making lxxe: )

Gregory Liechti – Onboard ICE

Nationality: French

Skills: PADI OW SCUBA instructor and Electrician

About me: This is Grégory “Pepe le Pew”, because I’m half French… I’m already onboard ICE with John “Captain America”, the fearless traveler and culinary explorer, as well with lovely JaneJane and Don the pirate of the seven seas. We, John and I, are busy studying and learning all sorts of differents things about sailing, and how to take care of the amazing boat ICE. Can’t wait to head to the open Ocean!

Jian Xu – Bluebase 

Nationality: American

Skills: PADI AOW Scuba diver and web developer

Alex Peebles – Bluebase 

Nationality: Australian

Skills: PADI Dive Master and Adventurer 

About me: The ocean is my church and I try to do everything I can to honor it. I was looking to go away for a while and do something different. Well, Tonga is the “away” and this project is definitely different! Looking forward to help uncover and preserve Tonga’s cultural heritage as a part of this crack diving team. Cheers!

Uwe Michaelis – Bluebase 

Nationality: German

Skills: PADI & SSI OW SCUBA Instructor, Paramedic and Degree in Eco Tourism management and marketing.

Richard Woodgett & Harriet Spark – Bluebase

Nationality: UK & Australian
Age: 24 & 22
Last job: Dive instructors

Skills: Richard: PADI OW SCUBA Instructor and Electrical engineer. Harriet: SSI OW SCUBA instructor, Journalist and Photographer.