Join Australian Geographic Society 2012 ‘Life Time of Adventure’ awardee, Don McIntyre, on one of the greatest underwater maritime history explorations the Pacific has seen.

You do not need experience, just passion and a sense on adventure. It involves many, untouched 16-18th centaury wrecks, in the waters surrounding the uninhabited Tropical Island ‘BLUE BASE’ camp on Nomuka Iki.

Marine Biology, Science or Archeological experience, singing and dancing all welcome. You will be assisting with magnetometatry searches for new wrecks plus preliminary surveys and investigations of known wrecks in the Kingdom of Tonga and playing with whales! You will be living in a tent field camp, with all basic facilities, working as part of a small enthusiastic team. Previous camping experience an advantage, but hey!! Life is an adventure.

Just one of the memorable experiences adventuring, is doing it with other ‘special’ people who sign on for something different. Bluetreasure is an opportunity like nothing else, so if you are into diving, islands, Pacific blue water and sky, then you are welcome aboard. Hope to see you soon.

Don McIntyre – Onboard ICE

As Expedition Leader Don is also following his own ‘dream’ in Tonga. He gets to keep coming back each year with Jane. Like all participants in Bluetrasure, you never know what will happen next. There are no guarantees in life and the same here too…Yes that means all this has an unknown outcome, but Don has been facing that challenge all his life and he loves it. Training the crews in anything boating, or the even the meaning of ‘life’, is part of the fun hanging out with him. Don is a real ‘People Person’ even if you are not in the crew but see the team anywhere in the world. Come over and say Hi!!

Jane Zhou – Onboard ICE

Jane was born in 1981 in Guangzhou China. She trained at university as a Chinese Civil Aviation, Air Traffic Controller and went on to gain qualifications in Accountancy and English translation. In 2005 she took up a position with Sea Horse Yachts in Zhuhai as English interpreter and boat building project manager. Jane and Don McIntyre became partners in 2010. They began working fulltime together on various adventures, including the bluetresure expeditions in Tonga and consulting on boat building projects in China. Jane first visited East Antarctica on a 21 day expedition with Don McIntyre in 2007 and in 2014 joined the expedition team onboard National Geographic ORION, voyaging in the New Zealand Sub Antarctic. She is a lover of wild places, an experienced sailor and navigator, having sailed over 8000 miles through the Pacific and is a qualified SCUBA diver and Zodiac driver with First Aid/CPR qualifications.