An Extraordinary Adventure of Discovery and Exploration

Recovering, Conserving and Protecting Tonga’s lost Maritime History. A joint project of Tonga Blue Ltd and the people of the Kingdom of Tonga, supported by HRH Crown Prince Tupouto’a ‘Ulukalala. 

There are many shipwrecks in the waters surrounding the Kingdom of Tonga.

Some were simply wrecked and others were ‘killed’ by brave Tongan warriors, so long ago. Most have never been surveyed or investigated.

Many are yet to be re-discovered and lay hidden beneath the sea. Some may have had important parts removed. The age of these wrecks could date back to the 16th century and all are national treasures that are part of Tonga’s rich maritime heritage and deserve to be managed.

Ultimately, Tonga Blue hopes to work with the Government to help establish a comprehensive ‘heritage dive trail’ and archeological displays of significant artefacts in the Tongan Cultural centre to boost tourism.