In 2013, a team of four young Spanish sailors on a 38ft cruising yacht sailed into our anchorage in Tonga.

They were halfway through a two year circumnavigation on a boat leant to them by the uncle of one of the crew. He was not using it, so the nephew suggested he lend it to him for the adventure! He said yes. They had to pay for the refit, all the gear, insurance, food, fuel, sharing all costs between the team and then they were off over the horizon!

I thought, ‘what a cool uncle’ and ‘what a grand adventure for these kids!’.

It also sparked an idea.

Some years before, I made the decision to assist a very young Jessica Watson and kick start her efforts to follow her dreams. The rest was history! It was a huge success and inspired millions. Seeing the Spaniards was an inspiration for me, so in 2014 I thought ‘what if I became a crazy uncle?’.

I bought a boat, established ‘Voyage of Imagination’ and then started looking for the young crew to sail it around the world over a two year period.

The rest is history, as even with our best efforts publicising the opportunity around Australia, we only received six serious applicants and while they were exceptional, none could skipper the boat. VOI was cancelled.

We decided to leave all the information here on our site in case, one day, there is enough interest and support to relaunch this VOI concept – maybe even in another country?

Maybe you have a yacht just sitting on the mooring not being used and you would/could lend it to us for a VOI?

Maybe you would like to head up a VOI group in your city/yacht club and establish your own VOI sending a young crew on a journey like no other? We would be happy to help!

If you fit any of those categories, or would consider sponsoring a yacht, or young team, we look forward to hearing from you. Maybe it was a great idea looking for the right time? Is that now??