Shortly after stopping NPA terrorists from getting onto their ship while treasure hunting in the Philippines, Don and Margie decided they should do something normal.

With no previous experience they bought a Peugeot 206 cabriolet, converted it into a tarmac rally car, started serious training and entered the biggest tarmac rally in Australia, ‘Targa Tasmania’.

They did surprisingly well in the lowest powered car in the fleet, so the following year Margie drove and shocked more than a few people with her stirling performance.

The next year Don bought a $35,000 Peugeot 206 GTi 180 and converted it for Rally work. Now they had a car each. In that year’s Targa Tasmania, with 120 cars in the ‘modern class’, Don finished a credible 30th outright with about twenty Porches costing around $200,000 each, five Mitsubishi Evos, seven Subaru WRX STi all behind him!

He shipped the car to New Zealand to compete in their biggest Targa. At the start, on a power-to-weight listing, he was ranked 150th out of about 165 cars. He finished 40th outright, again surprising many.

After five years of driving pleasure, Don parked his car for the last time. He still has it!