Following the crew of ‘Spirit of Sydney’ on a voyage of discovery, education and exploration, both on and in the water, voyaging through the Great Barrier Reef.

With a passion for the oceans, Don chose ‘International Year of the Reef’ to highlight its challenges. He approached Microsoft with an idea for this new thing called ‘the web’, still developing in those days.

They said yes.

First was a ‘web-based’ expedition (using ‘Spirit of Sydney’ and a Russian cruise ship) sailing for two months to Antarctica, live with video and photos.

It was successful, so Microsoft put up another $250,000 agreeing to back a 17-week, live, interactive website, following the crew of ‘Spirit of Sydney’ on a voyage of discovery, education and exploration.

No high drama, but rather a soft adventure increasing public awareness, epic diving, fishing, and researching giant clams being used as pollution bio indicators at various reef sites.

During this expedition another of Don’s hero’s Jacques-Yves Cousteau passed away.

Hugely successful, the website went on to win a global ‘Invision award’ in America, as the best adult education/entertainment website in the world that year, from over 1000 entrants!